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Rare “Superman” Comic Stolen From Nicolas Cage Recovered

The first comic book to feature the Man of Steel, Superman, that was stolen from actor Nicolas Cage in 2000, and was bought last year at an auction for a whopping $1.5 million has been reportedly recovered.

According to Los Angeles Police Department’s Det. Donald Hrycyk, the Action Comics No.1, which features Superman lifting a green sedan on the cover, was found last month at a storage locker in San Fernando Valley. A man who rented the locker storage reportedly discovered the rare comic book. Hrycyk, however, said that authorities are still verifying the man’s story as part of their investigation.

The 1938 comic, along with several others, were stolen from Cage’s home in West Los Angeles more than a decade ago. Cage had bought the Superman comic in 1995 from New York-based comic book expert Stephen Fishler. Police had no clue where the comic was taken until it was sold at an auction last year. According to the New York Post, a partner of the auction winner visited Fishler to have the comic authenticated. Fishler said that he immediately informed police after confirming that the one brought to him was the same one he sold to Cage.

It is not clear yet whether Cage, who had taken an insurance claim after the theft, would get the comic back.