Reading by Paper Beats Reading by Electronic Devices

stack_booksA recent study shows that the latest hype of reading books using electronic devices actually takes slower than reading the traditional way.

Dr. Jakob Nielsen of the product development consultancy Nielsen Norman Group compared the reading speed of people who are using the Amazon Kindle 2, the iBooks in iPad, the desktop computer and the traditional paper and ink bounded books.

Those using the iPad are slower by 6.2% while those who are using the Kindle are slower by 10.7%. The PC meanwhile is universally hated as a reading device due to its bulk and its association with work.

However, only 24 people participated in this research.

The popularity of the electronic book readers is on the rise. A recent survey shows that majority of those who bought an e-reader prior to the iPad release would have opted to get the iPad had it been available during the time they were buying for an e-reader. Meanwhile, 40% of those who are about to buy an e-reader said they will be picking up an iPad.