Recount Puts Titans Back on Top

Early estimates Sunday, April 11, has put the comedy action Date Night edging out Clash of the Titans but final count tells otherwise.200px-How_to_train_Your_Dragon_poster

The Greek mythology narrative remake posted 26.6 million dollars which is close to the Sunday morning estimate of 26.9 million dollars. Date Night took second with 25.2 million dollars which is far from the Sunday morning estimate of 27.1 million that was released by 20th Century Fox.

Another 3D movie How to Train Your Dragon is at third place with 24.9 million dollars versus the 25.4 million dollar estimate.

Date Night suffered a Sunday low turnout probably because of its adult theme and that many were tuning in to the finals of the US Masters which was won by Phil Mickelson.

Titans second week at the top spot came as a surprise since it has a drop in ticket sales of 56.5% when compared to the previous weekend. Dragon is also posting surprises as it only posted a drop of 14.3% in its third week.