Report: Ashley Biden cocaine video a setup


The man who allegedly ‘set-up’ Ashley Biden in a cocaine scandal could be facing several years in prison, Radar Online reported on Tuesday.

The White House was pushed into chaos Saturday as a shocking video come out allegedly showing Vice President Biden‘s daughter snorting cocaine.

According to the gossip website, Ashley was apparently tricked by a “friend” trying to profit from selling the video to different media outlets.

The tape, which was shopped around for a minimum of $250,000, claims to show a woman who looks identical to Ashley snorting cocaine.

Four lines of white powdery substance are clearly visible on the table. After she snorts the first line, the woman lifts her head and wipes her nose, then snorts a second and third line of powder, Radar Online reported.

According to the website, the seller planned the whole thing and set up a woman alleged to be Ashley at a raucous house party in Wilmington, Delaware. The man made sure he was in right position to videotape her when she snorted the substance.

The Bidens have had no comment on the matter.