Report: Detectives Question Al Gore Over Sexual Abuse Allegations

Former Vice-President Al Gore has reportedly been questioned by detectives from the Portland Police Bureau in connection with allegations that he sexually abused a massage therapist back in 2006.

KATU News claimed that a source from within the police has confirmed that the meeting between Gore and the detectives took place last week in San Francisco. Gore has vehemently denied the allegations, which came out after authorities called for the reopening of the investigation due to the failure of detectives who were assigned to look into the allegations this past year to notify their superiors that they were dropping the case.

News about the alleged sexual abuse committed by Gore against massage therapist Molly Hagerty came about a month after the former vice-president split with his wife of 40 years, Tipper, in June. The incident allegedly occurred in 2006, when Gore was a customer at a high-end hotel where Hagerty was one of the massage therapists.

Hagerty came out into the open through a June 23 National Enquirer story, where she accused Gore of grabbing and groping her as she gave him a massage.