Report: EPL club reads players’ DNA

Premier League DNA Testing

An English Premier League team has had DNA tests carried out on its footballers to find out who is susceptible to injury, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

Officials at the unnamed club requested the procedure after a breakthrough by British scientists shed new light on genetic variations which influence the chance of rupturing tendons, a common football injury.

Marios Kambouris, the molecular geneticist who carried out the tests, said he was told neither the name of the club nor the identities of the players.

“I have no idea which players they were but there were good genes in there, things which would positively affect their performance, such as their ability to have better aerobic respiration, which would give them more stamina on the pitch,” Kambouris said.

Nicola Maffulli, a consultant orthopedic surgeon at the Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine at Queen Mary, University of London, said the tests provided clear advantages to teams, but warned, “It may be really unfair to have a child who likes football, who may be told he will never make it because he has the wrong set of genes.”