Report: Jose Mourinho Accepts Real Madrid Offer

Saying that his work at Inter Milan is “done,” manager Jose Mourinho has reportedly accepted the challenge of bringing Spanish club Real Madrid back to the top of European football. A report by Times Online says that Mourinho will receive at least $27.5 million a year in the next four years. Mourinho’s reported contract will make him the highest paid club manager in history.

The report says that Mourinho has already told Inter president Massimo Moratti of his move to the Bernabeu. Mourinho will be leaving an Inter team that has just completed a treble, winning the Serie A, Coppa Italia, and recently, the Champions League. Mourinho’s transfer could come with a stiff prize, though, as his current contract with Inter stipulates that the team receive a transfer fee of around $20 million.

Mourinho said part of his motivation in moving to Madrid is the chance to become the first manager to win the Champions League with three different teams. He first won the title with FC Porto, followed by Saturday’s 2-0 victory against Bayern Munich at the Bernabeu. He will be replacing Manuel Pellegrini, who failed to win a single title for Real this season.