Report: Lindsay Lohan Could Get Early Rehab Release

Lindsay Lohan‘s doctors at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital are reportedly considering cutting short the actress’ 90-day rehab sentence.

According to sources cited by TMZ, doctors in charge of Lohan’s treatment could recommend the release of the “Parent Trap” star as early as this week, as they believe that her drug dependency problem is not as grave as it has been reported. The 24-year-old actress was previously reported to be addicted to Adderall, but doctors believe the problem is not that severe to require her to be treated at the rehab facility. The doctors have reportedly also concluded that Lohan is not suffering from bipolar disease.

Sources said once released, Lohan would be receiving outpatient care. Before Lohan is released from rehab on the recommendation of her doctors, the judge handling her case must approve the move. However, sources said that the judge would likely agree to cut short Lohan’s rehab stint as long as the doctors believe it’s what’s best for the troubled young star.