Reports: Shirtless Kiefer Sutherland Thrown Out of Strip Club

Kiefer-SutherlandA drunken and shirtless Kiefer Sutherland was kicked out of a London strip club on Thursday, U.K.’s The Daily Mail reported. According to the report, Sutherland, who was in London to promote his new movie “Twelve,” went berserk in the wee hours at the Stringfellows nudie bar, compelling the club’s bouncers to escort the “24” star out of the establishment–in a headlock.

Reports said Sutherland, who was once made headlines for attacking a Christmas tree, started drinking around 10:30 in the evening at the bar of the Covent Garden Hotel before going to the strip club at around 2:00 am. A witness who saw Sutherland at Stringfellows said “he went bananas, shouting nonsense and dancing like Peter Crouch.”

It reportedly took the bouncers around ten minutes to get Sutherland in his car. Witnesses later saw a giggling Sutherland falling to his knees just outside his hotel. The actor’s reps have yet to issue any statement regarding the reports.