Reports: Tim Burton Eyes “Sleeping Beauty” Remake

Tim-BurtonWith his dark retelling of “Alice in Wonderland” poised to break the $300-million mark in domestic earnings this week, Tim Burton is reportedly already planning his next project. Reports said Burton is setting his sights on doing a remake of the Disney classic “Sleeping Beauty.” However, focus of the planned Burton project will not be on the sleeping Princess Aurora of the 1959 Disney animated movie but on the evil fairy Maleficent.

This early, there is buzz that Angelina Jolie, who is currently filming a movie with Burton films regular Johnny Depp, is interested to play the fairy Maleficent. Reports said Linda Woolverton, who penned “Alice,” will write the screenplay for “Maleficent” if the project pushes through.

Neither Burton nor Disney has commented on the reports. As for Jolie fans, they can see the actress in the spy thriller “Salt” this summer followed by “The Tourist,” where she co-stars with Depp.