Rescuers Begin Search for Chile Quake Survivors

Rescuers have started scouring areas affected by a massive earthquake that rocked Chile in the hope of finding more survivors even as the death toll from the disaster has reached more than 300.

In the city of Concepcion, rescue workers are struggling to get their way into a toppled building where more than 50 are believed to have been trapped when the 8.8-magnitude temblor struck. Reports said the 15-story apartment complex immediately toppled when the quake started. Only 16 people have been pulled out from the complex more than a day since the earthquake struck.

Looting incidents have also been recorded in Concepcion. In one incident, police needed to use water cannons and tear gas to stop a group of people who forcibly entered a supermarket. Concepcion was one of the hardest hit by the quake, with police saying that at least 100 people perished in the city.

Close to one hundred aftershocks with an average magnitude of 5 have been recorded since the first temblor hit the country on February 27.