Research: Brain Training Does Not Improve Mental Fitness

A study published in the journal Nature shows that adults who play computer-based brain training only improves the skills related to a particular program but does not help improve mental fitness in general.human-brain

The article was released Tuesday, April 20. It indicated that it has monitored 11, 400 participants for six weeks. The participants were divided into three groups. The first one focused on reasoning, planning and problem solving. The second group tackled sharpening their short-term memory, attention, mathematical abilities, and visual-spatial skills. The last group was told to answer trivia and general knowledge questions by searching the answers in the Internet.

The participants practiced 10 minutes a day, three times a week during the required six weeks. Some reported practicing more than the required time.

The result showed that the participants were only improving in the specific task that they were assigned to but they cannot transfer their mental improvements when handling other activities.

The study was launched in conjunction with the BBC television show Bang Goes the Theory.