Revealed – 40% of UK shoppers would pay extra for Made in Britain

britainNew research has revealed shoppers in the UK are happy to pay extra for products or goods made in Britain, according to an online voucher code website. A boost for UK manufacturing, they found the most popular items people would like to buy include clothing, technology and health and beauty products which were made in the UK.

As we find more and more things are made abroad, online voucher website, surveyed adults in the UK to find out if they would rather buy items which had been manufactured in the UK rather than abroad. They asked: “Would you rather buy British made items or goods over foreign?” 58% said they would buy items made in Britain, whilst 25% said they would not and 17% did not care their stuff was made.

To find out if cost was a factor for people buying products which were made in the UK, My Voucher Codes then asked: “Would you pay extra for items or goods made in Britain?” – 40% said they would, whilst 39% said they would not pay extra. However 21% of respondents said it would depend on the product as to whether they would pay extra.

Those who would buy goods manufactured in the UK and were happy to pay more were then asked: “What items or goods would you buy if they were made in Britain?” They could then choose answers from a list, results can be seen below:
• Clothing, shoes and accessories – 49%
• Technology i.e. mobile phone, tablets – 43%
• Health and beauty products – 41%
• Small elect¬rical goods i.e. microwaves – 37%
• White goods – 34%

Asking respondents why they would like to buy products made in Britain, 37% cited so it would boost the UK economy, 42% said because of better working conditions and pay and 21% said provide more job opportunities.

Speaking about the results, Mark Pearson, founder of My Voucher Codes said:
“It’s fantastic to see, so many people would like to buy British, unfortunately if products and goods were more expensive than foreign made counterparts people would then be less likely to buy. We can understand cost being a factor, however if quality was better and service easier for these items then I think people would be happy to buy British.”

He added:
“I am not surprised most people would like to buy clothing, shoes and accessories, which are made in the UK. The horror stories of sweatshops where a lot of cheaper clothing is made can be off putting. And similarly with mobile phones and tablets, conditions in factories overseas is notably poor. “