Revealed: 42% of Brits lie about how charitable they are

New research from a UK voucher code website has revealed that 42% of Britons have lied about how charitable they are in order to look better in front of their peers. Exaggerating how much they donated or how much money they raised for a charity event was revealed as the most common lie told. Furthermore 67% stated they wouldn’t hesitate to lie again.

A new study from a voucher code website in the UK has revealed that just over two fifths of UK citizens lie about how charitable they are to their friends, family and work colleagues. The lies most likely to be told include exaggerating how much money they raised or how much they had donated, as well as what they actually did to raise money. Interestingly, 8% of those taking part in the study confessed they had stated someone else’s charity work as their own.

The research, conducted by polled 2,158 people aged over 18 in the UK, with an even split of men and women. Initially, all respondents were asked whether they had lied to their peers about how charitable they were, to which 42% of those polled stated that they had. They were then asked to detail what lies they had told, revealing the below:

• How much money they had raised (more than they raised) – 45%
• How much money they had donated (more than they in fact donated) – 45%
• What they did to raise money for charity – 32%
• What charities they donated too – 37%
• Why they were raising money – 23%
• Volunteering time to a charity/cause when they hadn’t – 17%
• Claiming someone else’s charity work as their own – 8%

Those who had stated they had lied about how much money they had donated or raised were asked to give a rough estimation of how much of an exaggeration that was. The majority (54%) said between £1 and £50, meanwhile 32% said it was in the region of £50 and £100 and 14% had said over £100.

In order to understand the results further, the survey then asked all those who had said they had lied who they had lied to. The majority (35%) stated that they had lied to their work colleagues, 26% had lied to a partner, 21% had lied to family members and 17% revealed that they had lied to friends. Furthermore, only 11% had ever been found out as liars and 67% said they would lie again.

Speaking about the study, Chris Reilly General Manager of MyVoucherCodes:

“Sometimes raising money for charity can bring out a competitive edge in people. This can be good news for charities, however it’s shocking to see people actually lying about how much money they have raised or how much money they have donated. The only people really losing out here are the charities, but some peoples’ egos are certainly being boosted.”

He added:

“I can see how easily a little white lie about how much you donated or made for charity with work colleagues or family members might not seem like a bad thing, especially if it’s a rounded up figure or just a few pounds over. But exaggerating £100s of pounds over is a sure fire way to get noticed and more of a chance of you being sussed out as a liar. And in this age of social media, it wouldn’t take long for the whole world to find out.”