Revolutionize Your Workplace Culture with These 5 Strategies

workA poor workplace culture breeds low morale, lost productivity, high turnover and reduced profits. In contrast, an open, honest, fun and engaging workplace culture breeds employee satisfaction and loyalty, high morale and increased revenue. In today’s competitive job market, companies that emphasize a strong workplace culture stand out for both their success and their ability to attract crowds of potential candidates.

You can boost your own employees’ engagement and productivity — and widen your profit margins — by revitalizing your company’s workplace culture. Changing your workplace culture takes work, but it is well worth doing. Encourage employee creativity and give them the opportunities they crave, practice corporate transparency, encourage good management and give your employees a workplace they look forward to coming to each day.

Practice Transparency
When you keep the lines of communication open, your employees know what’s expected of them and they have the information they need to meet those expectations. But when employees aren’t given the information they need, rumors and gossip will thrive. If you are actually dishonest with your employees, they will lose trust in you and may defect to other companies.

Talk to your employees about your company’s goals, performance and new initiatives. Communicating clearly and honestly with your employees builds trust, loyalty and dedication to the company. Q&A sessions or regular meetings are useful to cultivate a culture of communication. Make sure your employees are free to address tough topics without fear of recrimination. Encourage your employees to bring up concerns; this can help you address issues before they get out of hand.

Encourage Creativity and Autonomy
Companies like Google generate an average of $900,000 of yearly revenue per employee in part because they give their employees the freedom they need to think creatively and work on independent projects.

Many of your employees are in the best position to know what is and isn’t working in your company. They should have the freedom to express their ideas and insights and try new things when they want to, even when these experiments don’t go so well. Encouraging creativity and autonomy helps foster the innovation your company needs to thrive.

Cultivate Good Management
Great management is the backbone of any successful company, but poor management breeds fear, resentment and stress in the workplace. Overly demanding or hypercritical managers can adversely affect performance. Cultivate mindful, caring managers who work to motivate staff and support your employees’ well being. Good managers will help your employees thrive.

Make the Workplace Fun
Today’s top companies thrive because they work to build fun, inclusive workplaces and flexible environments that allow people to do their best work. Think flexible vacation time, telecommuting or flex working, nap rooms and free food. Many of the most desirable companies offer recreational activities like ping pong tables or bowling alleys. They make life easier for their employees by offering massages, yoga and fitness classes, on-campus gyms and health clinics, free dry cleaning and personalized work areas. The hottest tech companies even provide free shuttle services to help their employees get to work.

You don’t have to go all out, but the more perks you can offer your employees the happier they will be in your work place. Try offering gym memberships, lecture courses or fun activities, like pottery classes. Regular employee socials can help your employees get to know each other better as individuals and strengthen the bonds between them. Remember, it’s increasingly the extra perks and benefits — not the pay package — that attracts and retains the best employees.

Encourage Growth and Mobility
Employees want to be given the opportunity to grow and learn new things. If you don’t give your employees the opportunities they crave, morale will suffer and they will seek greener pastures. Invest in career training and development for all of your employees, not just the ones who show management potential. Not everyone is cut out for leadership, but all employees need and deserve opportunities for mobility and growth in their own career paths.

Cultivating a strong and desirable workplace culture can help your company get ahead and stay ahead by attracting the strongest candidates and earning their loyalty. The work you do to enhance your company’s workplace culture will pay off in the long run in the form of higher morale, greater productivity, elevated profits and interested candidates knocking at your door.