Richard Garriott Returns to Earth

The space tourist Richard Garriott, together with some Russian cosmonauts, safely returned to Earth from their trip to the International Space Station, Friday, October 24.

Garriott is creator of the Ultima online computer game series. He is also the son of Owen Garriott, a NASA astronaut, making him the first second-generation astronaut. He paid $30 million for his 10-day stay aboard the station. In all, he spent 12 days in space to become the station’s sixth paying visitor and the first American second-generation astronaut.

Together with Garriott are cosmonauts Sergei Volkov and Oleg Kononenko. The two managed to helped install and activate Japan’s tour bus-sized Kibo laboratory during the shuttle visit and perform two space walk during their six month stay in the Space Station.

We might be seeing Garriott in his space suit again after saying “There’s no question I’m already starting to think about the next trip up.”