Rihanna Gets Steamy Letters from Obsessed Fan

Rihanna has received two sexually explicit letters from an obsessed fan, forcing people close to the 22-year-old singer to tighten security around her, reports said. According to a source cited by the the U.K.’s Daily Star newspaper, Rihanna’s rumored boyfriend, L.A. Dodgers’ Matt Kemp, has asked the singer’s entourage to be extra careful following the steamy letters from the fan who calls himself Buster. Kemp is allegedly worried that the fan might be able to breach security and come close to Rihanna, or even break into the singer’s house.

The source added that Rihanna’s friends are also concerned about the situation and has talked about what to do to protect the singer from the sex-crazed fan. Rihanna, however, has not publicly shown fear of Buster. The singer recently performed at the Kids’ Choice Awards over the weekend, where she sang her Billboard-topping hit “Rude Boy,” “Hard,” and “Don’t Stop the Music.”