Rip Torn Pleads Not Guilty to Bank Break-In

“Men in Black” actor Rip Torn has denied that he forcibly entered a closed Connecticut bank in January. The 79-year-old Torn pleaded not guilty to burglary, criminal trespassing, and possessing a gun while intoxicated when he appeared in court on Tuesday, a day after he was released from a rehabilitation center for alcoholics.

Torn was arrested on January 29 while inside a closed Litchfield Bancorp branch in Salisbury, his hometown. Police who responded to an alarm from the bank found a visibly drunk Torn with a loaded firearm. Police records show that Torn allegedly entered the bank thinking it was his home.

Torn was released on $100,000 bail and ordered to enter a New York rehab, from which he was released on Monday. The actor’s lawyer, A. Thomas Waterfall said a “resolution” could be reached on April 27, when Torn is scheduled to appear again.

Torn, an Emmy winner for “The Larry Sanders Show,” had previously been arrested for drunk driving and had several altercations with authorities due to his alcohol problem.