Roach: Pacquiao Not Focused on Margarito Fight

Manny-PacquiaoA big upset could rock the boxing world in the next three weeks. Trainer Freddie Roach has admitted that an out-of-sync Manny Pacquiao could step into the ring come November 13 against the redemption-seeking Antonio Margarito.

Pacquiao trained in the city of Baguio in the Philippines for several months, but Roach said his prized fighter was never really focused on his preparation for the upcoming fight against the bigger Margarito, a predicament that has left the award-winning trainer with a lot of sleepless nights. “At two in the morning, I’m walking around Baguio pulling my hair out, saying, ‘What do I have to do?'” Roach said. “I know his mind is off the fight. I know his mind is somewhere else, and that’s because of politics.”

Pacquiao won as a congressman in his wife’s province in the May elections in the Philippines, a position that forces him to attend to many things–including visiting wakes, attending birthday parties, and standing as sponsor in weddings, aside from the regular legislative work.

Even Pacquiao himself admits that his focus is not as it used to be, adding that he is contemplating retirement. “The training is going good, but the problem is aside from training, there’s lots of stuff to do. … I’m thinking about (retirement), but I can still fight. I think I’ll do a few more.”