Russell Crowe Walks Out on Interview

russell-crowe-pictureHow do you piss Russell Crowe off? Tell him his “Robin Hood” has an Irish accent. The Australian actor walked out on an interview with BBC after art critic Mark Lawson told him that his version of the heroic outlaw has an Irish accent rather than a British one, which he had been aiming for.

Pressed to answer the observation, Crowe told Lawson: “You’ve got dead ears, mate — seriously dead ears if you think there’s an Irish accent.” When Lawson continued by asking if Crowe really wanted Robin Hood to sound Irish, the actor replied: “No I was going for an Italian … missed it? Fuck me.”

As Crowe walked out of the interview, the 46-year-old actor fired one more comment against Lawson, saying “I don’t get the Irish thing by the way. I don’t get it at all.” The incident is just the latest of Crowe’s outbursts. In 2005, Crowe was arrested after he threw a telephone at an employee of the Mercer Hotel in New York City. Crowe lost his cool after he could not get a signal to call his wife in Australia.