Russian President Invites Ukrainian President-Elect

Dmitry Medvedev, president of Russia has invited Viktor Yanukovych, president-elect of Ukraine to visit Moscow aiming for renewed ties with Kiev.Viktor-Yanukovych

The former soviet republics suffered relational blows under outgoing Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko. He was elected via anti-Russian sentiments five years ago. He focused more for the country to join the European Union and NATO.

Yanukovych was confirmed the winner of the February 7 runoff elections against Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko who is still determined to challenge the results in court. Both have promised better relations with Russia.

In a blow for Tymoshenko, western leaders congratulated Yanukovich for his win from a poll that met democratic standards. The Prime Minister accused her rival of cheating.

Meanwhile, Yanukovych is planning to invite Sergey Tigipko as the next Prime Minister. Tigipko placed third in the first round of the presidential elections last month.

The President-Elect is expected to be inaugurated on February 25.