Russia’s Medvedev Pushes “Chemical Castration” For Sex Offenders

Saying that sex offenders should be dealt with harshly, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is leading the push for the imposition of “chemical castration” as a form of punishment for convicted pedophiles.

Medvedev said “chemical castration,” which involves injecting a substance that reduces a person’s sex drive, is justifiable “considering the frightening crimes committed” by sex offenders such as child molesters. “The punishment should be as strict as possible,” Medvedev was quoted as saying. However, Medvedev said that chemical castration, which is not permanent, would “probably be possible only on a voluntary basis.”

A draft law imposing the medical procedure as punishment has reportedly already been drafted by the Russian investigative committee, which is considered an influential body within the government. It is, however, the first time that the president himself has publicly spoken about his support for the punishment. BBC said the suggestion has received a generally positive response from legislators, with some of them even believing that chemical castration should be mandatory rather than voluntary.