Salmonella in alfalfa sprouts causes nationwide recall

A recent outbreak of salmonella, making 22 people ill, caused a nationwide recall of raw alfalfa sprouts.

News agency CNN reports that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a statement saying that Federal officials have started investigating on the matter and that the 22 infected people were linked to the raw consumption of alfalfa sprouts.

The outbreak has prompted California-based company Caldwell Fresh Foods to recall the alfalfa sprouts distributed under its three brands. The alfalfa sprouts of the company were reportedly sold in 18 states. The company reported that the sprouts may have been picked up in restaurants, delicatessens, and stores across California.

There are also reports that among the 22 infected, included a baby in Oregon.

Officials in Oregon have suggested that the sprouts may have been picked up in 400 stores, and have cited the possibility that some were distributed at Walmart.