Samsung Galaxy S III

Exploring new technologies has never been this good. Evolution in communication lines are evident until now. From land lines, pagers, cell phones, and now, smart phones. Whether through calls or chats or even visiting your favorite networking sites, smart phones have it all! Indeed, technology advances faster than we could think of. Leading to these advances is Samsung, one of the leading companies that provide us with various smart phone choices. And now, another technological rumors state that Samsung is going to launch another galaxy phone called as Samsung Galaxy SIII.


Several leakages about the features of this new smart phone are all round the net. The most awaited day of its release is said to be on May 3, 2012 at London. Rumors indicated the following specifications (what the consumers usually look at):

  • 4.6 inch High Definition screen
  • 1280 x 720 pixel resolution
  • Processor: Samsung Exynos (1.4GHz quad-core)
  • 2GB RAM
  • 2 MP front camera, 12 or 16 MP rear camera
  • Use of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Now we have a glimpse of what this new technology could offer, the next question would be how far is the advancement of Samsung Galaxy SIII from its predecessor (Samsung Galaxy SII)?


Wider screen means wider view of your applications, wider field for fun and exciting games, wider area for office applications. SIII is said to have a 0.3 wider screen as compared to SII.


More detailed images with higher resolution cameras are also updated in this new Galaxy smart phone. So stop missing out on that precious moments, take pictures whether on the move or not, SIII can capture it!


For personal computers, dual-cores are probably on of best bet. Dual core processors make fast response to mobile activities such as gaming, multitasking can be done smoothly, experience browsing your web pages in a snap, etc. Although there’s no or little evidence that quad-cores are better than dual cores, it is also worth the try. Just like buying a newly upgraded phone, you know there is a difference, and that difference accounts for mostly positive ones.


Random Access Memory (RAM) goes hand in hand with the processor. The larger the RAM, the faster the navigating and process would be. SIII has doubled RAM memory as compared to SII. With quad core processor and a 2GB RAM, how fast can that get huh?

Physical Buttons

We are all used to seeing physical buttons for our cellular devices. It gives us easy access to what we need to do in that phone. One disadvantage of SII is the lack of physical home and exit buttons. If you’re new to these kinds of things, then it will be hard to determine which button to point at. Luckily, SIII is said to have this physically visible buttons.

Whatever the differences they have, we are sure that Samsung does their job to ensure that their clients would buy and enjoy their products. Newer versions of their mobile technology are definitely the most updated and feature a lot of good specifications. I don’t really want to get too technological about this. All I can assure is that most of us can’t wait to buy or at least have a hold of this new Samsung Galaxy SIII. With its promising features and specifications, Samsung will definitely have whooping sales of this product. Indeed, it will be another hit in the market and another valuable worth of our money!

This is a guest post by Abigail Ang

Abigail is an aspiring writer and a former Backpacker. She is into almost all types of music. she also has a passion in singing and an interest in sports particularly Ultimate (Frisbee) and running. Abigail is currently taking care of her 2 daughters Shiela and Ria.