San Francisco on the Verge of Approving Phone Radiation Law

san_franciscoSan Francisco, California is set to become the first city in the United States to implement cell phone radiation law.

The city council, approved a measure that will make vendors to declare the amount of radio waves emitted by some products like cell phones. The vote went 10-1. City Mayor Gavin Newsom already said that he would sign the bill into a law. If signed, it will take effect February 2011.

“This is not about discouraging people from using their cell phones.  This is a modest commonsense measure to provide greater transparency and information to consumers,” said Newsom’s spokesperson Tony Winnicker.

The penalty however is only $300. For big retailers like Best Buy, putting the post of radio wave emissions will probably cost more than $300. Retailers have not yet made any comments regarding the proposed law.

Researchers and doctors are arguing that cell phone radiation is dangerous to the body and that it may lead to cancer.