Sarah Palin Reality Show in the Works?

Sarah Palin has been a beauty queen, Alaska governor, and vice-presidential candidate. And maybe, just maybe, we can add reality show star to the list in the near future. Yes, Virginia, the woman who is slowly becoming one of the people America loves to hate could soon become the latest reality TV star. And with producer Mark Burnett of “Survivor” fame behind her, there is a very good chance that Palin’s TV dreams just might come true.

Reports said Palin and Burnett presented the idea of making a reality show about the state of Alaska to NBC, ABC, and Fox among other stations. A person with knowledge of the proposal said that Palin and her family would be prominently featured on the planned show. The format of the proposed docudrama/reality show would be similar to Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth series.

On Tuesday, Palin appeared on Jay Leno‘s “The Tonight Show,” where she cracked a few jokes and tried to laugh at her recent actions, including her now-infamous palm notes.