“Saw” Named Most Successful Horror Franchise

The “Saw” films have beaten several long-running movie series to become the Guinness World Records‘ most successful horror franchise.

According to the Guinness, the six “Saw” films that have been so far released have grossed $733 million worldwide, dwarfing the second-placer “Scream” series at $507 million. “Friday the 13th” is in third place with $465 million, followed by “A Nightmare on Elm Street” with $447 million. “Halloween” rounded out the top five with $367 million. Of the five franchises, “Friday the 13th” has the most films with 12 while “Scream” achieved its earnings with only three releases.

Saw VII” is scheduled to be released in October this year, but producer Mark Burg said the movie, which will be in 3-D, will be the last for the franchise. “We are done; this is it. We don’t want to be that boxer who fought one too many fights,” he told BBC. Burg said the final “Saw” will answer all the hanging questions the first six films have left. “In this movie we answer every question the audience has ever had.”

Guinness editor Craig Glenday is scheduled to present the award to the “Saw” producers on Friday at the Comic-Con in San Diego.