Schwarzenegger Vetoes Smoking Ban

schwarzeneggerCalifornia Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has vetoed a bill that will prohibit smoking in state beaches and parks.

The governor said that the bill is an “an improper intrusion of government into people’s lives.” He also believes that such measures should be delegated to cities, counties and local park officials. He also thinks that the measure will not help much in curbing litter on California’s vast shorelines.

The state currently has 278 state parks and 64 beaches.

The bill would have imposed a 100 USD penalty from those who will not follow. It does not cover, however, state-owned campsites and parking lots as well as a vehicle recreation area in San Luis Obispo County.

Bill author state senator Jenny Oropeza (D-Long Beach) said that measure SB4 will widely support “effort to increase public awareness about the environmental threats carelessly tossed cigarettes are doing to our marine life and to the great outdoors.”

Schwarzenegger, a Republican and well known for his cigar habits, said that he understands the effects that butts cause to beaches and marine life. However, he believes that the bill will only affect California while “marine debris and litter know no boundaries.”