Scot-turned-Australian Becomes World’s First Legal Neutral Gender

A Scot became the very first person on the planet to be given legally a gender as “Not Specified.”gender

Norrie May-Welby was born in Scotland 48 years ago as a man. He had a sex change operation twenty years ago after emigrating to Australia.

However, May-Welby was not happy being a woman and stopped drinking female hormones to become a “neuter.”

“The concepts of man or woman just don’t fit me,” said May-Welby who now lives in Sydney.

Doctors cannot determine if he is a man or a woman. The medical certification was then presented to New South Wales government who issued a certificate for him with the gender marked as “Not Specified.”

The certificate is called Recognised Details Certificate – an equivalent birth certificate for immigrants who had sex change.

May-Welby then started changing the gender data in some other applicable legal documents. He admitted that there had been confusion about his sexuality and believed that the best solution is to not have any sex identification.