Script Issues Delay “Spider-Man 4” Production

The production of the fourth installment in the hugely popular Spider-Man film franchise is being pushed back because of problems concerning the quality of scripts being churned out for the much anticipated sequel.

An insider at Deadline Hollywood shared that Sam Raimi, who has directed the first three Spider-Man films and is also set to continue directing the upcoming sequel, still starring Tobey Maguire in the lead, is apparently having issues regarding the story. The script, that has so far been written by screenwriters Jamie Vanderbilt, David Lindsay-Abaire and Gary Ross is reportedly “hated” by the director.

Raimi and Sony, the producers of the Spider-Man franchise, are now counting on a major rewrite by Alvin Sargent, who wrote the scripts for Spider-Man 2 and 3. Because of this setback, the previously announced May 11, 2011 release date is unlikely to push through. Raimi is also insisting on casting John Malkovich as the primary villain, but Anne Hathaway, who was rumored to also play a role but is now deemed too expensive, will no longer be courted to star in the sequel.