Scrubs Season 9 Episode 3 – Our Role Models

scrubs season 9 image

The young season 9 of Scrubs is back with its 3rd episode entitled – Our Role Models. If you are looking to watch it online, then you have come to the right place as we have found the place for you to do so via the link below. But before that, let us see a glimpse of each of the 3 episode of Scrubs.

Episode 3
Our Role Models

J.D. learns a lesson in teaching, when Dr. Cox and Lucy reverse their roles of teacher and student.

Episode 2
Our Drunk Friend

Lucy learns her first hard lesson in being a doctor, when she connects with an alcoholic patient whom Dr. Cox wants out of the hospital.

Episode 1
Our First Day of School

While old acquaintances become teachers, new students are introduced at what used to be Sacred Heart. The hospital was torn down and rebuilt at a med school campus, where J.D., Turk and Dr. Cox are teachers now.

Watch Scrubs Season 9 Episode 3 here