Second Citizenship is on the Rise

second-citizenshipYou cannot avoid the atrocities that have taken place across the world over the past 10 years, with terror attacks becoming an almost frequent occurrence in recent months.

From Novembers Paris attacks, to March’s devastation in Brussels, it’s becoming an all too familiar occurrence that is causing ripples in the global community.

According to The Global Terrorism Database, there were 3 incidents alone reported in Belgium between 2011 and 2014, statistics that we are seeing reported more regularly. So it’s no surprise that recent reports from Citizenship by Investment experts CS Global Partners has reported a rise in second citizenship due to the increasing threat we’re being faced with.

High-net-worth individuals are seeking to protect their families’ future and find a safe haven that is free from terror which can all be offered with an investment programme.

Dual nationality has become an investors insurance blanket, with many choosing this path so that they can shelter their families from harm.

The citizenship by investment programmes in the Caribbean are the most popular, with the nations of Dominica, Grenada, and St Kitts and Nevis providing applications that take only three months to process.
Obtained either by contributing to a national fund helping support the economic development of the islands, or by investing in real estate projects approved by the government.

As the Caribbean nations impose strict due diligence procedures, those who value security highly can feel safe in the knowledge that only individuals with clean histories are granted citizenship and the right to reside on the islands.

These English speaking nations offer democratic rule, a tested legal system, advanced healthcare systems, are business friendly, and are all part of the Commonwealth of Nations and Caribbean Community offering a hand-in-hand environment that can work for entrepreneurs, giving the advantage of a stable lifestyle not far from what they are already used to.

Whether it’s political stability that is a major concern or the increase in terror, in today’s volatile global environment, it’s clear that wealthy investors value security above all of their assets.