Secret Service Agents On Leave, Salahis to be Given Subpoena

Three Secret Service agents have been placed on paid administrative leaves for their part in letting two uninvited guests crash a state dinner at the White House. They may eventually lose their jobs. Meanwhile, the couple at the center of the issue might be given a subpoena by the US House of Representatives.salahi-house-hearing

“Established procedures related to entering the White House were not followed at the initial checkpoint,” Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan told a House of Representatives committee. “A mistake was made. In our line of work we cannot afford even one mistake.”

The house is also contemplating on sending subpoena to Tareq and Michaele Salahi if they will continue to ignore hearing invitations by the House Homeland Security Committee. The couple ignored an invitation last Thursday, December 3.

The couple was able to penetrate layers of security in a state dinner for India Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and were able to shake hands with US President Barack Obama.

However, the Salahis insisted that they were invited and are not gatecrashers in an interview with The Today Show.