Sex clinics to open in every school in England

sex clinics to open in england

Sexual health clinics could soon be open in every secondary school and college in England.

This means all students would have easy access to emergency contraception and pregnancy testing without their parents being told.

Around a third of secondary schools in England – almost 1,000 – already have clinics.

Now an influential study, commissioned by the Government, has recommended extending the coverage to all state secondary schools and colleges in a drive to cut teenage pregnancies.

Since 2000, the Government has promoted sexual health services for teens. Morning-after pills are being given to girls as young as 11.

More colleges will soon be installing condom vending machines and hold regular chlamydia and gonorrhea testing sessions to ensure the sexual health of their students.

But critics say the policy is a ‘social experiment’ which risks encouraging under-age sex instead of restraining it.

Norman Wells, director of campaign group Family Education Trust, told The Telegraph: “Research shows making the morning-after pill more readily available doesn’t make the slightest difference to unintended pregnancy and abortion rates.

“In fact there’s evidence it may be making matters worse. Confidential school clinics enable boys to put even more pressure on girls to have sex as Mum needn’t know anything about it.”