Domain Name Sold for 13 Million Dollars

sex.comAfter a fascinating history, domain name will add another page to its story, that of bagging a hefty price after it was sold. The tag price stands at 13 million US dollars (or 8.2 million British pounds).

Owner Escom LLC has sold the domain name to Clover Holdings, a company in Saint Vincent in the Caribbean. Clover Holdings made the highest bid for the domain name which went into auction last July. Escom LLC was prompted to sell after it filed for bankruptcy.

The sale becomes final on October 27, upon approval of the bankruptcy court which is handling Escom LLC affairs.

The amount of 13 million dollars is one of the highest sales ever made for a domain name. Domain name holds the record at 16 million dollars.

Escom LLC bought the domain name in 2006 for 12 million dollars from original owner Gary Kremen. Kramen had a history regarding the domain name when he brought the issue of its ownership to the courts after he found out that a conman named Stephen Cohen had been illegally using and earning from