Sex May Trigger Heart Attack, Study Suggests

Attention couch potatoes, you may suffer a fatal heart attack by having sex.

A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests that people with sedentary lifestyles are three-times more likely to suffer from cardiac arrest hours after having sex, or strenuous exercise. However, the study authors say that their analysis should not be interpreted as suggesting that slackers should abstain altogether from sex, or exercise for that matter. “Definitely, one should not interpret our findings as meaning that physical activity or sexual activity are dangerous or harmful,” researcher and author Dr. Isaa Dahabreh said.

Dahabreh said that there is no cause for alarm as the chances of suffering a heart attack after intercourse or exercise is actually quiet remote at about three in a million. However, if you seldom leave your couch but is afraid of becoming┬ápart of statistics, a solution is to become more physically active. “People who exercise regularly have a much smaller increase in risk, if any,” Dahabreh said.