SFW Playboy Site Goes Live

Want to read Playboy without the nudity that could surely make you part of the unemployed? Then TheSmokingJacket.com is for you. Playboy Enterprises Inc. has opened a new site that it hopes will attract bored workers who crave for witty and humorous articles usually found in Playboy.com without the risk of getting fired for visiting NSFW Web sites.

Aside from ROFL articles, TheSmokingJacket.com features links to all things cool such as the funniest videos on the Web, but not those long, in-depth articles that are also a staple in Playboy, Jimmy Jellinek, Playboy editorial director, said. The site also includes photographs from the 1980s, when women in bathing suit played in a series of games in the so-called Playmate Playoffs.

However, being able to browse the site without getting kicked out might depend on what a company considers NSFW, as TheSmokingJacket.com includes the occasional lingerie-clad women, as well as those sexy and teasing pictorials, like the current article on Reby Sky in the Ballbreaker segment. Nonetheless, Matt Gibbs, lead producer of the site, said their aim is really just to give bored workers something to entertain themselves with during their down time. “The ideal is to be … the go-to site for those who are bored at work,” he said.