Shane Mosley knocks out Ricardo Mayorga

Shane Mosley sent Ricardo Mayorga to the canvas late in the 12th-round Saturday during their Junior-Middle weight non-title boxing match at the Home Depot Center.  Mosley scored a last-second knockout victory!

The round 12 action [via]

Round 12 –Mayorga flurries but can’t connect. He’s merely tapping at Mosley’s side. Celebrates again! Unbelievable! Solid 1-2 by Mosley forces Mayorga to tie up again. Mosley looks angry. I would be too. Big right by Mosley! Mayorga briefly hurt but recovers. Combinations by Mosley! Crowd is into it! Down goes Mayorga! Down goes Mayorga again! It’s over! Literally a last-second knockout! Unbelievable!

Mosley(45-5, 38 KOs) proved that he’s still capable of knocking out a true super-welterweight who’s a former world champion. Mayorga (28-7-1) reportedly inflated from his weigh-in size of 153 1/2 pounds to 170 during the fight night. [via latimes]

“I will tell you one thing,” Mayorga said after the knockout punch, “he hit harder than I thought he would.”

Official KO time: 2:59. Unbelievable!