Shannon Tweed does not have breast cancer

Several reports have been floating around the web that Shannon Tweed, a former Playboy Playmate and life-partner of legendary KISS bassist Gene Simmons, has breast cancer.

This incident all started when Shannon found a lump in her breast and suspected it to be cancerous. The breast cancer scare was even fueled when both Shannon and Gene appeared on the CBS talk show “The Doctors” last March 17.

However, after consulting a specialist it was later found that the lump in Ms. Tweed’s breast was non-cancerous. Still, the doctors opted to remove the lump to avoid further complications.

Though Shannon can lay the cancer scare to rest, her partner Gene still issued a plea to all men saying that men should remind (even to the point of pressuring) their ladies their health is very much important to their family as it is to themselves. He also pointed out that prevention is still better than any other available cure.