Shatterproof Beer Glasses Unveiled

Tired of having to pick up and sweep glass shards when the partying and alcohol get a bit too much? The British government has the answer to your problem. The British government has unveiled prototypes of shatterproof glasses that it hopes could help lessen health care expenses due to bar fights among beer-guzzling Britons, who are known for their penchant to binge drink and exhibit rowdy behavior.

British Home Secretary Alan Johnson praised the new glass design, saying that it would do a great deal of help in reducing the estimated 87,000 glass attacks that occur in pubs every year. The British government’s National Health Service spends more than $ 4 billion every year to help victims of alcohol-related glass attacks.

The glass prototypes come in two types. One comes with a bio-resin coating while the other uses the same technology applied in making car windshields. The shatterproof glasses would first be used by a popular bar chain before they are released to the general public. Charity group Alcohol Concern welcomed the development, saying that studies show that shatterproof glasses could reduce violent incidents in watering holes.