Shocking Treatment Cures Erectile Dysfunction

Impotence problems can be solved by using shocking treatments, a report to LiveScience indicated.Viagra

Experiments where shockwaves were directed at penises help cure erectile dysfunction.

Medicines like Viagra or Cialis help patients to function. After the medication, the functioning stops. The difference with shockwaves is that it has the objective to treat – that function will continue even after the shockwaves treatment.

The test was based on animal studies where it was found out that new blood vessels grow from old one and concluded that erectile dysfunction is the result of reduced blood flow to the male sex organ.

Researches treated 20 men aged 56 years who has the dysfunction. Around 300 shockwaves were applied in five areas of the private part twice a week for three weeks. The routine is repeated after three weeks of rest.

15 of the volunteers have significant improvements. They claimed that there were no side effects and that it doesn’t hurt at all.