Shoes of Iraqi reporter now cost a fortune

iraqi shoes thrown at bush

The incident with the shoes thrown at US President George W. Bush during his press conference with Iraqi Prime Minister in Baghdad continues to develop. The shoes of the 29-year-old correspondent of the Iraqi Al-Baghdadia TV channel, Muntadhar al-Zeidi, now cost a fortune.

It was first said that the technical director of the Iraqi football team Adnan Hamad offered $100,000 for the shoes. Hamad said that the journalist’s action expressed an attitude of all Iraqi people to George W. Bush – the man, who ruined Iraq and abused its people.

Another Iraqi businessman said that he would be ready to pay any price for the notorious shoes. To crown it all, Saudi media reported Monday that a 60-year-old Saudi entrepreneur offered $10 million for only one shoe of the pair that had flown in Bush’s direction.

(Via Pravda)