Shrimp-like Creature Found in Antarctic Ice

A research team from NASA was shocked to discover a shrimp-like creature 600 feet deep in an Antarctic ice sheet where no light penetrates and where only simple microbes were believed to have been able to live.antarctic-icesheet

The creature is three inches in size and sports an orange color. It suddenly zoomed in front of the camera that the team were using to get a look at the underbelly of the Antarctic ice sheet. It then parked itself at the camera cable. When the camera was pulled out, a long tentacle was stuck at the cable, which scientists think to have come from a jellyfish.

The discovery excited the scientists because it may mean that if creatures can really live in such harsh conditions then there is a possibility of life forms in space bodies that share the same set-up. An example of which is Europa, a moon of the planet Jupiter.

Some believe that though there is a possibility that it could have swam from other water bodies, the chances would be small because the nearest open water from where the discovery happened is 12 miles away.

Here’s the video of the shrimp-like creature: