Simon Monjack Had Two Secret Children

Simon_Monjack_Brittany_MurphyThe husband of Brittany Murphy had two children from previous marriages. It was discovered after his family went through the late producer’s laptop.

Simon Monjack, who was also a screenwriter and a film director, fathered a son and a daughter from two different women. Monjack’s mother and brother discovered the fact from emails in Monjack’s laptop. The emails were from the children’s mothers who were demanding child support.

Also discovered were wire transfers of $48,000 for lawyers as well as to an individual in Europe over some settlement.

The laptop is now in the hands of investigators. It was given to them by Monjack’s family who stayed at the producer’s home where Murphy’s mother is also staying. Sharon Murphy, the mother, filed for theft for the missing laptop.

Monjack, 39, died last May 23, 2010, apparently from heart attack, which may have been prevented had he not delayed a surgery for a heart condition. He was buried next to his wife Murphy who died five months earlier last December 20, 2009 from pneumonia, iron-deficiency anemia and drug intoxication. The couple was married in 2007.