Singer Sheryl Crow Adopts Another Boy

sheryl_crow“I have some exciting news to share with you guys,” singer Sheryl Crow announced on her official website Friday, June 4. “Wyatt has a new little brother!”

Wyatt, 3, was adopted by the Grammy Award winning singer in 2007. This month, she will be adopting a boy born last April 30. His name is Levi James.

Her publicist said to CNN that the adoption process has been underway for almost a year now.

Crow, 48 and a breast cancer survivor, does not have a problem being a single mother. She did however think for a long time that life was composed of finding a spouse, have a home and family. Now she believes that a family doesn’t always have to start with a boy meeting a girl and having baby.

The singer will be bringing Wyatt and Levi James on the road with her and in the first five tour dates of the Lilith Fair.