Six Man Golden State Warriors Stops Dallas Mavericks

The Golden State Warriors won against Dallas Mavericks using only six players. The Mavericks were in a five game winning streak going into the game against the Warriors. The final score was 111-103.Golden-State-Warriors

The Warriors is plagued by injuries and sickness. In fact, coach Don Nelson is not in the building due to pneumonia. The historic win was credited to assistant coach Keith Smart.

The six players who played were Anthony Morrow, Vladimir Radmanovic, Mikki Moore, Monta Ellis, Stephen Curry and Anthony Randolph. There were two other players in the bench who are injured, Chris Hunter and Corey Maggete.

All players logged a minimum 30 minutes each with Ellis, Morrow and Radmanovic playing all 48 minutes.

The Warriors were behind 98-89 with six minutes left in the game.

The last time a team won a game with only six players was in 1981 during the NBA finals. Houston Rockets were led by coach Del Harris at that time. The last time a team won a regular season game was in 1951.