Skylar DeLeon murdered the Hawks for sex change

skylar-deleonSkylar DeLeon a former “Mighty Morphin Power Ranger” extra and a murder convict claims that he wanted a sex change so badly so he tried to cut off his genitals in prison.

“I basically took a sheet and tied it around my lower extremity … I tied it around and I went to cut it off,” he told ABC News.

DeLeon is facing death penalty for murdering Tom and Jackie Hawks for trying to steal their yacht in 2004.

According to ABC News, some believed that Skylar DeLeons’ motive where caused by his gender identity.

“This caper, this entire murder, this desire to get some wealth, to get some money, was to pay for that sex change,” said Michael Molfetta, a defense attorney who represented Deleon’s wife, Jennifer.

During the interview, Deleon said that he’s straight, and that even though he wanted to be a woman, he also wanted to continue his relationship with his wife.

“I’m not attracted to guys,” he said. “But I wanted the surgery, and I knew I 100 percent wanted the surgery. But I only like females.”

You can watch his interview here.