Skype calls over 3G for iPhone coming soon!

skype 3G for iPhone

Skype has confirmed that a new version of Skype for iPhone is in the works and it will support iPhone calls over 3G network.

The current version of Skype for iPhone is limited only to Wi-Fi but with the new 3G-capable version coming soon, people on the go can still use the application as long as there’s a 3G signal.

Why not release now? Here’s what Skype has to say:

You may have seen other apps offering calls over 3G, but we’re holding ours back for a little bit longer. Why? So that we can give you the very best audio quality we can. When our 3G-capable Skype for iPhone app is released, it’ll let you make calls in wideband audio, giving you greater clarity and fidelity – because that’s what you expect from Skype.

Video: Skype calling over 3G on iPhone

[via Mashable]