Slavery Bill HR 5741 Being Debated

H.R. 5741, also known as the Slavery Bill, is now the subject of debates in the house of representatives.

Apparently, if the H.R. 5741 is passed, the president will be given two years of compulsory service from every US resident between ages 18 to 42. They will be required to serve in however they can, depending on what the president wants from them.

According to reports, the bill will create disturbance on the US commerce since citizens will be reassigned to service. New York democrat Charles Rangel is the bill’s sponsor.

In reports by the Prison Planet, this bill will have almost all Americans “ sentenced to two years of forced labor. The infrastructure is already in place for those unwilling to participate in mandatory service and now the army is looking to fill its ranks with Interment/Resettlement Specialists.:

“The slavery bill is currently in debate in the House Committee on Armed Services chaired by Rep Ike Skelton a democrat from Missouri. Those who oppose mandatory slavery should contact [him]. Many bills die in committee and this bill should meet the same fate.”