Slumdog child star’s home demolished


The home of the Slumdog Millionaire child star was demolished by Mumbai authorities on Thursday, May 15, as part of the demolition of shanties in a Mumbai slum.

Azharuddin Mohammad Ismail, one of the film’s main character, was asleep when a police officer woke him up and smacked him with a bamboo stick. His co-star, Rubina Ali, was also one of the residents who lost their homes.

“We are homeless, we have nowhere to go,” Azharuddin said.

The Ismail family claimed that they were not informed about the planned demolition.

Uma Shankar Mistry, an official of Bombay Municipal Corporation, said that this was part of a pre-monsoon demolition drive and only illegally owned shanties were bulldozed.

A local housing authority promised a government-built housing for the residents who have lived in the shanty town for more than 15 years.

Shameem Ismail, Azharuddin’s mother, told the BBC news,

“Our house has been broken down by officials. We have not been given any alternate accommodation. Earlier the authorities had said they would give us a house. But I don’t think that will happen any more,”

The Slumdog Millionaire’s film makers have donated to a charity to help slum kids in Mumbai. They’ve also set up a trust, Jai Ho, to ensure the children get proper homes and a good education.